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ANTES GLOBAL - Cold Room Solution

Cold Room Solutions

Antes offers customized solutions for walking chiller & freezer , Large Warehouse, Blast Freezers .

As part of complete solution we offer end to end solutions from design , equipment selection & supply , installation and after sales service Our scope of supply will include complete turnkey solutions which includes prefabricated insulated room , Doors and Refrigeration system with Hermetic and semi Hermetic compressors ,Evaporators , energy saving components and low side materials

Refrigeration Unit

Evaporators & Condensors

Cold Room Panels & Doors

Modular Cold rooms : 3.5 KW to 50 KW,+10 DegC to -25 degC

Large Cold warehouse for 3PL , Multipurpose cold store 500 pallet to 5000 Pallet and above Centralized Refrigeration system Convertable Dual Temperature design in Single Chamber +15 DegC to -25 deg.

Blast Freezer : 250 Kgs to 2000 Kgs per batch -38 to -40 DegC room temp

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